Pine cone wreath

Tristan made this pine cone wreath last December when he was three.  He had such a good time doing it we may do another one this year again.

Foraged pinecone wreath for kids

Easy pine cone wreath

Tristan really began the work for this months before.  On our way from meeting the school bus and walking home with our childmindee, Tristan would seek out little pine cones on the path that were in good condition and could be used for crafts.  Tristan had a great time searching for his treasures.  They wouldn’t get many at any one time, but over time they amounted to a small bag of them.  I kept them aside and brought them out one chilly afternoon.

I remember making a similar craft in elementary school, but with larger pinecones that were mainly sourced from our own front yard.  Sad to think those big old trees are no longer there, but their memory lives on!

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We used the plastic top off of a large yogurt pot, cutting off the rim and making a hole in the middle to create the wreath shape.  The next time we do this, however, we will use cardboard as the glue didn’t want to stick very well to the plastic and in the end we had to try a different glue to secure the pine cones when they fell off the next day.  As you can see, he wasn’t very happy about the lack of ‘stick’ between the glue, plastic and pine cones.

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Tristan put glue on the wreath form and then chose his pine cones and arranged them around the circle to make his wreath.  After it had finally dried, we took out the glitter.  Tristan used a glue pen to put some glue on the pine cones and then he sprinkled the glitter on for some decorative effect.

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When this was done I put a piece of red ribbon through the wreath and made a knotted loop.  Tristan then used this to hang his completed wreath on our front door, using a suction cup hook to hold it in place.  This made our front entrance more welcoming and helped to give the exterior of our home a festive feel as well.

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  • Nigel Smith

    lovely Nigel

    • crystalmcclean

      Thank you 😉

  • Carolyn Wilhelm

    Tristan is such a hard working and serious worker. Great!

    • crystalmcclean

      You really can see his concentration, can’t you? He likes to get things just right!