skiing marshmallow snowman by Crystal's Tiny Treasures We rarely get snow over here in Northern Ireland.  Tristan keeps hoping the clouds will deliver so he can make a snowman, but so far Mother Nature hasn’t been very obliging.  However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun making snowmen indoors!  This cute little marshmallow snowman is quick and easy to make.

What will you need to build a marshmallow snowman?

  • two large marshmallows
  • an ice cream wafer
  • straight pretzels
  • a potato chip
  • writing iceing
  • sprinkls
  • a twist tie

How did we build our marshmallow snowman? Choose 2 large marshmallows and ‘glue’ them together using some icing (I used the tubes that you can use for writing on cakes). Carefully cut a slider wafer into lengths for the skis.  If you don’t have slider wafers, you could use ice wafers, bourbon cream cookies, or another cookie or cracker that would suit. Glue the marshmallows to the skis with some more icing.  Glue on two or three star-shaped or other type of sprinkle for the buttons. Add a face with the icing pens.  You could also use some more candy sprinkles for the facial features if you have some. The straight pretzel sticks worked well as ski poles for us, held by twist-tie arms.  Licorice laces may work for arms as well, but we didn’t have any at the time that we made these. skiing marshmallow snowman, fun food, Winter Olympic Snacks, Crystal's Tiny Treasures, photo Top off your marshmallow snowman with a potato chip hat and you have a cute little skiing marshmallow snowman character to brighten up the afternoon. Unfortunately for our wee boy, his snowman ‘melted’ overnight while he was asleep…and Daddy suspiciously had crumbs on his chin!   I think some a fruit leather sled would be fun as well!   Do you like to play with your food, too?

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  • TaMara

    This is adorable! I think I’ll have the small people make it this week – we can talk about the Olympics while we make and eat them. Thanks for sharing at Food on Friday.

    • Crystal McClean

      I hope you’ve enjoyed making the marshmallow snowmen as much as we did 😉