Heroes of The City Review

Heroes of the City is a TV series that is broadcast in many countries around the world, and season 2 is currently in production.  Until recently I had not heard of this children’s program about emergency vehicles who are friendly and help each other, but we’ve been getting ourselves acquainted with it over the past month or so.  We were sent a Heroes of The City promotional package as a thank you for reviewing the Heroes of The City app, of which we have a complimentary 12 month’s promotional access.

Heroes of The City Review by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Who are the Heroes of The City?

Heroes of The City is a story about friendship between emergency vehicles such as Fiona the Fire Engine and Troy The Tractor.  Calamity Crow is an adorable little character who is clumsy and brings some added humour to the story lines.

The free Heroes of the City app is easy to download and includes 2 movies and 3 games.  Additional packs can be purchased that include an extra 4 movies and 1 game, or you can purchase the entire Heroes of The City bundle of the additional 24 movies and 6 games.

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The movies are short in length (about 14 minutes each) which means that young children won’t have time to get bored with them.  It also means they can have a little fun watching a movie without too much screen time, which is important in our home.  The movies can be played on the go, and would be perfect for keeping kids patient as they wait in line at the shops or while waiting for the bus or train to arrive..

The Heroes of The City games are quick for children to learn.  This was Kallista’s first experience with using my android tablet to play games, and she picked it up easily by just watching her older brother for a few minutes as he taught himself the ins and outs of the games.  Examples of the types of games are puzzles, matching up cards, and learning to ‘jump’ over obstacles on the road.  This is good practice for hand-eye coordination.

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An interesting option with the Heroes of the City app is the ability to listen and read in many different languages including English, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Thai, Korean, Dutch, Italian, Czech, and Hungarian.  So it’s great for multi-lingual families, or those who are interested in exposing children to different languages in a fun way.

You can download the free version of the Heroes of The City app from iTunes  or through Google play.

I’ve been enjoying following the Heroes of The City Facebook page and seeing the faces behind the creations and learning more about their jobs in Stockholm, Sweden.  It’s fun to see what’s going on behind the scenes of books, videos, and app development!

What is your child’s favourite Hero of The City?

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  • Lesley M

    My son loves fireman!

  • iain maciver

    troy the tractor



  • kim neville


  • Elaine Dale

    lollipop lady

  • Pam Francis Gregory

    Fireman Sam

  • richard hill

    my nephew harrison loves his fire engine and his police car xx

  • anthony harrington

    The Wombles

  • karen cowley

    fire man

  • jennie jackson

    a fireman

  • Kim Campbell

    Fiona the Fire Engine

  • Ashleigh Allan

    Fiona the Fire Engine

  • Kathy Cakebread

    the police

  • http://livinthemomlife.com Carli

    My husband is in school right now to become a Police Officer, so now that is my son’s favorite thing!

  • http://creativekkids.com Tammy @ creativekkids.com

    I would say my son would probably like a firefighter best.

  • http://survivingtoddlerhood.com/ Rebekah

    My son loves fire engines! We live near a fire barn and he always looks out his window as we pass to find them. :)


    grandpa is a police officer, so i’m sure that’s his favorite!

  • http://www.calledtobeamom.com Jill @ Called To Be A Mom

    I love using our tablet for educational games. Looks like they keep the kids busy for a while as well :)

  • Spencer Broadley

    Most definitely our Neighbourhood Warden – he is always full of fun and life

  • Andrew Stewart

    Fiona the fire Engine

  • michelle banks

    my grandaughter would love this!!!

  • karen hutchinson

    Fiona the fire engine

  • vicki hennie

    paula police car

  • Judith R.


  • john hatrey

    Fire Engine

  • katie Kathurima


  • Keri Jones

    My son loves firemen. It could be because we used to live across from our local fire station :)

  • katrina walsh

    Always the firemen – especially Sam x

  • Dawn Henson


  • Jo Hutchinson

    firemen or women

  • Stephanie Tsang

    My daughter loves firemen

  • Marion

    All things ambulance related.

  • beth c

    he loves firefighters! thanks for the great giveaway!

  • http://shopannies.blogspot.co.uk/ angie

    they both love fire fighters

  • Barbara Edwards

    Fireman Sam

  • Lisa Bradley

    my eldest knows a fireman and is lucky enough to have been for a rode in the fire engine

  • Clare Stringer

    Policemen, especially the ones with horses!!

  • Amy Cray

    fire truck

  • donna jones


  • Julie Ward


  • Donna Lawton


  • http://myzdamenasworld.blogspot.co.uk/ Gail Reid

    My daughter’s favourite is our lollipop lady called Sandra :) .. my niece’s is Firemen (and mine too! :P)


    Fiona the Fire Engine

  • Angela Williams


  • Natalie White

    Fireman :)

  • http://pencollectiongeekery.blogspot.co.uk/ Janine Atkin

    my son loves fireman sam

  • Harriet


  • Mary Orme

    Lollipop Lady

  • amanda davis


  • Sarah Rees

    A fireman

  • lisa coultrup

    Police car :-)

  • Tracy Alder-Ashwin

    My son loves firemen

  • Kelly Ellen Hirst

    It has to be firemen

  • Ian Murray

    Firemen. My youngest always likes it when they drive the engine to their schools

  • Harley

    PC plum from Balamory x

  • tobys proud mummy toys

    He loves Policemen when the coke truck rolled into our town he was so pleased to be able to have his picture taken on the policebike xxx

  • Juliee Fitze

    His uncle the fireman

  • katie skeoch

    has to be the fire brigade – he loves a fire truck driving by!!

  • Sandra Clarke

    The Fireman

  • Tamara Foster

    Fire Brigade

  • Elizabeth Ferguson


  • Laura Pritchard

    Fireman Sam

  • Tracey

    Fireman Sam for sure.

  • sarah palmer


  • Sheri Darby

    A fireman

  • Wendy Guy

    Fireman Sam

  • Samantha Daleo


  • Allan Fullarton

    troy the tractor

  • Claire Butler


  • sj wesley

    The Lollipop Lady :)

  • Rachel Humphries


  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Firemen :)

  • Marie McMahon

    My littleman loves Fireman Sam…and he thinks all firemen are called Sam!!

  • olivia kirby

    Fireman, they have been on a fire engine before, when we had a fire.

  • Karen Louise wright

    Fireman, their grandad use to be a fireman & they like watching fireman Sam x

  • Dawn Monroe

    My grandkids like the firemen and police.

  • lorraine polley

    firemen are daniels favourite


    Ambulance Crew

  • Katie Walden Hall

    Firemen :)

  • catriona nation

    The fireman

  • Sarah Pilbeam


  • nicola white

    fireman sam

  • lucy rose

    Fire Brigade.

  • rebecca nisbet

    The AA lol seen them alot in the past few months, she has a thing about fire engines at the moment aswell



  • Lynsie Lynn

    My daughters are crazy about Paramedics and Drs, so much so that they have decided to do medicine as a career, bless them! :)

  • Lisa Viljoen

    My son loves soldiers because his daddy was army :)