Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Tuesday is upon us already.  We will be enjoying our homemade pancakes.  You can use our recipe found here.  Those pancakes will be gone as fast as they are made, but Tristan has made a felt bean bag pancake that will last.

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Felt bean bag pancakes

I found some bits of felt in the cupboard.  Thank you Mom for sending me some of your stash, it’s really coming in handy!  Using what we had we chose a cream piece for the top and a brown piece for the bottom of the pancake.

How to make your felt bean bag pancake:

I traced a circle onto each piece of felt and Tristan did a good job of cutting them out on his own.  Felt can be a little tricky when you’re used to only cutting plain paper.

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I found some embroidery floss (also sent across the Atlantic from Mom), and Tristan set to work using a straight stitch sealing the edges of the felt bean bag pancake.  He stopped just before he reached the start so there was a little hole to put the dried peas into the felt pancake.

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Putting the little dried peas into the felt bean bag pancake is good fine motor practice.  Just be sure to give a good sweep up when the craft is done to ensure any stray peas have been disposed of.  You don’t want any young children or babies to choke on them.

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When enough peas had been stuffed into the felt pancake, the little hole was stitched up and knotted.

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Tristan is practicing his pancake tossing skills…maybe someday he’ll  be a professional?  Just like pancake racers in London.

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Kallista is also enjoying being served a lovely meal of felt food.  Pancake, bacon, and eggs.

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I wonder how it tastes?

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This face says it all…she loves her big brother’s felt bean bag pancake breakfast!

See our felt crafts page for more crafty ideas!

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