Egg Carton Ice Cream Cone Craft

This Tuesday I took part as a guest on Red Ted Art’s Google + Hangout.  This week the theme was to make something crafty out of egg cartons.  Tristan and I made these egg carton and felt ice cream cones. 

Egg carton crafts are always a hit with kids.  These egg carton and felt ice cream cones are simple and can also be used as tree decorations.

Ice Cream Cones

When I was quite youngish,  family friend used to give us a gift each year at Christmas.  and each year it was something she had crafted herself.  Most of these crafts were also usually recycled form something else.  This is one of her crafts.

 The items you will need to make this ice cream cone craft are:

  • a cardboard egg carton
  • paint and paintbrush
  • cotton batting or newspaper crumpled into a ball
  • a small piece of fabric or felt
  • glue
  • thread and a needle or an elastic band/twist tie

 How to make your ice cream cone craft:

Gently tear out one (or more) of the central dividers from a cardboard egg carton and cut the end of it so that it is even.

Egg carton crafts with kids, upcycled crafts, recycled crafts, photo

Paint the outside and inner rim of your ‘cone’.  Tristan chose gold for his.

Egg carton crafts, play food crafts, felt crafts for kids, Crystal's Tiny Treasures, photo

After the cone has dried, cut a piece of fabric or felt in a circle or a square, roughly 10cm x 10cm.

Ice Cream play food craft, felt food, photo

If you are using a needle and thread, make some large stitches around the fabric now, about 1.5cm from the outer edges.  Leave this loose and be mindful of the needle that may still be attached.

Ice Cream play food craft, felt food, photo

Put some stuffing or some crumpled paper into the centre of the fabric.  Cinch up the stitching around the square and tie a knot in the thread to leave a little package.  If you are using an elastic band or a twist tie, gather up the edges of the fabric and hold them together in a bunch.

Egg carton crafts, play food crafts, felt crafts for kids, Crystal's Tiny Treasures, photo

Put a little glue just below the inside rim of the cone and place your ‘ice cream’ in, with the gathered end of the fabric down into the cone.

Egg carton crafts, play food crafts, felt crafts for kids, Crystal's Tiny Treasures, photo

Let the glue dry and you have an ice cream cone for your felt food play time!

Another option is to add a loop of thread through the top of the cone and turn it into a cute Christmas tree ornament (which is the original gift I had received).

Egg carton crafts, play food crafts, felt crafts for kids, Crystal's Tiny Treasures, photo

You can let your imagination run wild with the various flavours of ice cream you could make.  Use green and draw some brown spots on the fabric and you will have mint chocolate chip.  Or you could add sprinkles, etc.

What’s your favourite flavour?

If you are looking for more egg carton crafts, why not try an iceberg with greeting card passengers.  Or click over to our felt crafts pagecardboard crafts page, or summer fun page for more crafty ideas.

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  • maggy, red ted art

    Super cute! Such a simple and fun idea!

    • crystalmcclean

      Thank you! And thank you for hosting the hangout :-)

  • Melissa

    super cute idea!!!!!

    • crystalmcclean

      Thank you! Please visit again soon :-)

  • Jen

    I haven’t seen anything like this before. This is extravagantly amazing! Very creative and resourceful. Perfect for the kids! I really loved the materials you put to complete the ice cream. We did an Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity game out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! :) Preschool Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity

    • Crystal McClean

      Thank you for the lovely comment! They are lots of fun to make, aren’t egg cartons versatile? Thanks for sharing your site, you have lots of great ideas!

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