Deviled Egg Sail BoatsThis will be the last installment of our London/Whitehead 2012 Olympic Games.  If you feel like you will be missing the action, not to worry;  we are planning an activity or two for the Paralympic Games later in the month if all goes well.

In the past few days our TV has been over-heating while exposing the children to different sports they wouldn’t usually see on a day-to-day basis.  It’s been great hearing them cheer for Canada when they are playing, and for the UK, Japan, and Ireland when they are in action.  They are great little cheerleaders!

They’ve seen some ‘live action’ during our village festival.  Swimming in the sea, kayaking, and raft racing. raft races, Whitehead 2012, photo

At other times we can see the yacht lessons in progress. sailing, yahting, Co. Antrim, fun snacks, photo

I thought it would be fun to make a themed snack with us to take down to the races last weekend.  Phil was working and met us down there so it was a surprise for him.

We hard-boiled some eggs.  It’s been years since I’ve done this, as I don’t care for them myself so haven’t made them.  If you need a little reminder on how to achieve nice hard-boiled eggs, this is how we did it:

  • I placed the eggs in a pot and covered them with cold water until the water was about an inch above the eggs.
  • I covered the pot and brought the water to the boil.
  • I then removed the pot from the heat and let the eggs stand for about 20-24 mins.  As life with children can cause some forgetfulness, I set a timer.  When it rang, I drained the eggs and rinsed them in cold water until they were cool.

Hard-boiled eggs, deviled eggs, children's snack fun, photo

When we were ready to proceed a little later Kallista knocked the eggs to crack them, then rolled them along the table top to shatter the shell.  She was quite good at this until one egg hit the floor.

children in the kitchen, fun snacks for kids, picnic snacks, eggs, hard-boiled eggs, photo

Tristan helped me to gently peel the shell off the eggs.

Then I sliced the eggs lengthwise and gently scooped out the yolks.

egg salad, egg salad sandwiches, deviled egg leftovers, kids menu, sailing, photo

I put the yolks into a bowl, added a dollop of mayonnaise and some chili pepper in and mashed until it was combined and nice and smooth.  You can leave the chili out, or add paprika, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper fresh herbs, etc. to make it a little different each time or as your taste buds prefer on the day.

Then put a spoonful back into the white of the eggs and garnish with parsley if you’d like.

deviled eggs, egg salad sandwhiches, kids snacks, party snacks, picnics, photo

We chose to garnish ours with little sails.  Tristan cut the UK flags from muffin liners and I glued them to some white paper cut into a triangle, and used some double-sided tape to wrap them around a bamboo skewer.

sailing, snacks, eggs, picnic menu, kids and healthy snacks, photo

Tristan enjoyed his Olympic deviled egg snack at the races!

devilied egg, Olympics, sailing, racing, children and snacks, photo

Seeing as some our eggs had crash-landed and were no long “water-tight”, I then cut them up whole and threw them into the mix once the remaining egg whites had been filled.  We added a touch more mayo, and gave it a mix and the kids had egg-salad sandwiches for lunch.

egg salad sandwich, children's lunch ideas, fun foods, easy science for children, photo

If you enjoy themed snacks, check out our camera snack, clock snack, or spidey snack.  We also have more eggs with a hole-in-one!

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  • Andrea @ No Doubt Learning

    Mmm, deviled eggs are one of my favorites. I don’t think my girls have ever had them. We’ll have to put this on the list! :)

  • Carolyn Wilhelm

    Very clever idea to encourage healthy snacks! I’m afraid your children will have so enjoyed this you may be having to make these often with all sorts of decorations. Thanks for writing this post! Carolyn

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