Christmas cards with kids, shapes Christmas tree, Christmas activities for kids, Childminding activities, babysitting activities, photoLast year Tristan wanted to help make Christmas cards with me.  I thought this would be a good idea as it would cut down on the work I would have to do.  I did have an idea in mind, but I think we’ll leave that one until next year when both children will be a little older and have a little more patience.  So I thought this idea would work well with the supplies I had on hand.

Tristan and I took turns tracing around a triangle template on the reverse side of some green glittered card stock I’d purchased on sale in the off-season.  He used this as the body of his Christmas tree.

Shapes Christmas Tree, Greeting cards, Children's Christmas Cards, photoShapes Christmas Tree, Greeting cards, Children's Christmas Cards, photo

He cut rectangles from some brown card stock to make the trunks of the trees.

Next he folded some card stock we had on hand to make the card.  Then he glued the pieces onto the front of the cards to make a Christmas tree, and topped each with a gold star sequin.

Children making Christmas cards, photo

Kallista was very interested in what her big brother was doing, but at 18 months old, she was a little too young, yet for this.

Crystal's Tiny Treasures Childminding in Whitehead and Islandmagee, Christmas activities for preschoolers, photo

But she did do her own bit by placing foam Christmas-themed stickers on the backs of the cards and adding some extra interest by drawing on them with crayons.  She also liked to remove the stickers, so we had to keep an eye on her to make sure there were stickers on the cards, and not on the floor.  A year on now, and she still enjoys removing foam stickers as much as placing them on things.

Christmas cards for families, Preschool learning while making Christmas crafts, photo

This year both children had a hand in the card-making process again, but in a little different way.  I won’t divulge our plan yet as though the bulk of the cards have been completed, they haven’t yet all been sent and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone.

Christmas cards made by kids, Learning shapes, preschool cards, preschool Christmas activities, photo

Making Christmas cards is terrific for feeling included and important, as well as helping with colours, shapes, fine motor skills, and the glitter paper and foam stickers added some tactile experience as well.  And family and close friends really enjoy receiving cards made with love from the little ones.

Do your children help with the family Christmas cards? do you make cards by hand?  Do you purchase your cards? or a combination of each?

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  • Carolyn Wilhelm

    This is a terrific integrated learning experience and for fine motor skills. The real audience aspect makes the work real and important. Excellent—and fun!

    • crystalmcclean

      Thank you Carolyn, it was lots of fun for everyone!