Cards Made From Baby Wipe Lids

Cards made from Baby Wipe Lids?  When you think cards, you probably don’t think about baby wipes.  But those little plastic hinged lids come in handy for making some beautiful and personalised cards for any time of the year!

dIY Cards made from baby wipe lids by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Thank you cards from baby wipe lids

I’ve had a couple of ideas floating around in my head to use those little lids, and this is the first of them to be trialled. If you enjoy card-making, these are for you!  And if you don’t, give it a try with your children and see their faces light up when they’re ready to give or to send. These cards made from baby wipe lids are perfect for family far away.  Christmas, birthdays, thank you’s or just to say ‘hi’!

Use whatever supplies you have around the house, they’re good for up-cycling all sorts of things.  I’ve used some scrapbooking paper and some glittered card from the kids’ craft supplies.  I think these would also be fantastic made with artwork the children have made previously.

How I made these cards from baby wipe lids

The first thing I did was use a card-blank or piece of card stock folded into a card.  In fact, I think these would be even better made larger!

Cover your card with some paper or artwork and decorate it however you please.

baby wipe lid up-cycling, turning junk into beauty, photo

Trace around your baby wipe lid on a piece of scrap paper to make a template for the front of the lid.  You may have to adjust it a little.  This is the most difficult part of this card.

Once you have your template in the size and shape needed, use the template to cut out the paper of your choosing and tape or glue it onto the front of your baby wipe lid.

Making a peek-a-boo card, diy photo cards, preserving memories, thank you cards by kids, photo

Then take your carefully-removed baby wipe lid and place it on the photo you would like to have behind the door.  Trace around the lid and cut out the photo.  You may have to trim it up just a little for it to fit.

Making photo cards with a twist, the best photo cards ever, Crystal's Tiny Treasures, cards from kids, diy cards for grandparents, photo

Use some double-sided tape to hold the photo in place. Add a little double-sided tape to the back of the photo and place it on the front of your card.

Embellish your card and add some extra touches now if you’d like.

The best greeting cards in the world, personalised cards, card crafts for daycares, card crafts for childminders, photo

I think this card would be lots of fun to use for Christmas or a birthday and have a little confetti inside the ‘door’ to fall out when it’s opened!  (but keep in mind the abilities of the recipient as not everyone will be keen to clean up confetti!)

What was the best card you’ve ever received?

These cards were made to share in a Red Ted Art Google+ hangout.  You can see the hangout here:

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  • Ali at :

    how lovely.. great to see ‘stuff’ destined for landfill getting another outing! :)

    • Crystal McClean

      It’s fun to give things another purpose when we can.

  • Shirley Wood

    This is a unique and different way to repurpose! Pinned it! Thanks for sharing. I found you on Family Friday Link up :-)

    • Crystal McClean

      Thank you for sharing and following along with us, Shirley! Have a fantastic weekend :-)

  • Maria

    I’ve used baby wipe lids in quiet books before, but never thought to use them in a card -what a fun idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Crystal McClean

      Busy books are a good idea :-) It’s interesting to see different uses for little bits of ‘trash’!

  • Adelien

    It is a very creative idea. Nobody thinks it is a lid from the wet tissue wrap, that’s true. Thanks for sharing.

    • Crystal McClean

      Thanks so much, Adelien :-) Now…what to do with the other 5 year’s worth of lids…?