Tristan received a balance bike  for Christmas.  A balance bike is a bicycle without pedals so that you use your feet and learn about balancing and gliding first before moving on to a regular bicycle, often without then needing training wheels/stabilisers.  He was very excited about it, but he wasn’t so interested in riding it last year as it was “wobbly”.  So most of the year it sat in the closet waiting.  Now it is time to learn some bike skills.

Bike skills for beginners, learning to ride a bike, fun bike skills for kids, photo

Bicycle skills

This year he is “a bigger boy” and is much more interested in learning how to ride his bike.  He has even taken it all the way down to the path by the sea and back with Daddy a couple of times.

Bike skills for beginners, learning to ride a bike, fun bike skills for kids, photo

To up the ante and make it a little more challenging for him, now that he is starting to get the hang of this bike, and keeping in mind the Olympic fever that is raging in the UK and around the world we have made a little course for Tristan to manoeuvre around.

I have some nice colourful plastic cones from the Scrap store, and we’ve placed them along the side of the road on our cul-de-sac, and Tristan can practice his bike skills by weaving around them.

road safety, bike safety, boys and bicycles, outdoor fun on bikes, bike skills, photo

Kallista also likes to have a go with her little car.

Balance bike, maneouvre skills on a bike, outdoor fun for boys, photo

 Or they can chase each other (or Daddy) while running from end to end.

road safety and children, learning to ride a bike, cone dodging, physical activity for boys and girls, outdoor fun, photo

This is such a fun physical activity for them, and we don’t need to go further than the front road/driveway.  You could use so many things to weave around rather than cones.  It’s quick and easy to set up and put away which is great when time is short or the weather changes!  For an extra element, make a signal light and practice your starts and stops.  See how we made one here.

For more ideas on improving balance, click over to our balance beam practice and paralympic sporting fun.

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Happy biking!

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  1. Balance bikes are great and my children had them when we lived in the Netherlands. They were 2 and 3 and I was so impressed they could ride so well. I have rarely seen those in the states. And you have added to the fun with an Olympics tie in, and by involving the whole family. Thank you! Carolyn

    • crystalmcclean says:

      Thank you Carolyn! I hadn’t heard of balance bikes until about 2 years ago, and they are pretty neat- I could use one to hone up my biking skills-I’m a danger to society!


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