50 Ways to Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten For Free

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You’re doing a great job, Mama!  You’ve made it this far, there’s no need to stress now about what your child can or cannot do.  Every child is different and will learn in his /her own way and at their own pace. Don’t stress about Back To School!

Back To School Linky Party

Welcome to the Annual Back to School with Kid Blogger Network Linky Party featuring activities, crafts, supply ideas, recipes, organization, books and MORE to get your family ready for the upcoming school year!

As a parent, you’re your child’s first teacher and you’ll continue to teach your children for the rest of their lives.  Not all learning takes place in a school classroom.  Your children learn from you every day.  They see what you do and how you act, and learn about the world around them.

Not all learning has to be sitting at a desk or in a classroom.  The world is wide and the possibilities endless.  There’s also plenty you can do frugally or for free and in my opinion these are the BEST!  Have fun and be inventive.

50 things to do at home for pre-Kindergarten skills, photo

Your child is learning and processing information long before you will see the outcome.  Be patient and understanding.  In our experience and with our children, they tend to go through a “phase” of being unusually grumpy, whiney, and out of sorts for “no apparent reason”.  We’ve learned to (try) to be patient while also trying to teach alternative ways to express themselves.  Then one day out of the blue the switch will flip and the phase will be over – and all of a sudden the child will have acquired new skills of some sort:  using new vocabulary in context, riding a bike, etc.  (We found this to be the case from first words, learning to walk, and most major milestones).  It’s truly amazing to witness and I’m so glad I’m able to see this process in action.

To be honest with you, I was much more stressed when my children, especially our first, were younger.  I worried they weren’t learning enough, and I didn’t want them to be behind.  However, with experience and confidence, I’ve learned that they are learning all the time and you don’t need fancy and expensive equipment to help children learn.  Here are 50 ways to prepare your child for kindergarten  for free (or very nearly free).  Just click on the underlined.

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Back to School with KBN Link Party

Welcome to the Annual Back to School with Kid Blogger Network Linky Party featuring activities, crafts, supply ideas, recipes, organization, books and MORE to get your family ready for the upcoming school year!  Link up your kid-friendly posts to have them featured on 35 blogs who are members of the Kid Blogger Network.  We invite you to visit a few posts from participants, leave a comment, and share on social media!  Thank you so much for sharing your Back to School Resources! *By linking up, you agree to have your images shared with credit.

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  1. Wonderful printable, thanks so much. I pinned it to my A+ Parenting Ideas and Information board on Pinterest. I like how easy the ideas are to implement, the categories, and common-sense approach. It is really a help for parents. Thanks!

    • Thank you for sharing, and for the compliments ;-) I found I was more stressed the year before school was ‘official’ and I needn’t have. Everyday living is the best teacher in my opinion.

  2. I’m still working on getting everything planned for the fall. It’s going to be the busiest year yet!

  3. Nicole Stacy says:

    Our oldest is starting 3rd grade and our current youngest is going into kindergarten. We are due with another baby in November, and I think I’m more apprehensive about back to school this year than the kids are.

    • Everything will work out in the end, it always does, stressed or not ;-) So sit back and relax and enjoy the time before the all-nighters begin again. Good luck, and congratulations :-)

  4. Cassie Hayes says:

    Always make it fun. Don’t let your stress show. You allow your child to pick the items/colors they like to let their personality show.

  5. Thanks for all the back to school resources. I have less than 2 weeks left!

  6. amelia w says:

    Do I have to think about back to school?

  7. Stephanie Shipley says:

    I am very excited about my son going into kindergarten! He had such a great time in prekindergarten that I know he is going to love getting to go a full day in kindergarten.

  8. Back to school has always been kind of stressful for me. Looking forward to getting organized and finding our groove.

  9. Cheryl Petersen says:

    I will be home schooling my two boys. I am starting out with preschool activities however, I will be incorporating some kindergarten skills because they are almost at that level. They love to learn new things everyday!!

  10. My daughter freaks out every time she sees a bus and REALLY wants to ride one, but she’s not quite ready for school. We did get some flash cards and are going to start having “school” of our own, though!

  11. Christy Grimsbo says:

    My son is starting Kindergarten in a week! Ahhhh! Where does the time go?!?

  12. Sara Filler says:

    My favorite part is meeting new students.

  13. awesome giveaway!!! Great ideas too!!

  14. heather e.g. kaufman says:

    It is always interesting to see how the children will interact with their new teachers. They all have different personalities & teaching styles.

  15. My 2nd starts kindergarten this week and I’m more nervous with him! He does not transition well and he needs to fully understand why to do something before he will do it. I think he will get the “difficult” label quite quickly.

  16. Back to school use to stressful when my own children went to school but with grandchildren I seem to be more stressful.

  17. We raised seven children to adulthood with the last three being homeschool graduates. Now, we are starting over with three more, ages 3, 4, and 9. It’s been two years that the girls have been with us now, and we’ve finally found our groove. We school year year round with the occasional break and some relaxed schedule weeks in the summer. We will be back to our familiar schedule next month, and I am actually looking forward to it. It’s a beautiful thing!

    • It absolutely is a beautiful thing :-) You’re a seasoned pro at home ed by now, well done to everyone! It’s scary to think this will be our 4th year of HE and my kids are only 4 & 6! We also go year-round, but not as hard this month. I’m still organising the house, but then I’ll see if I can come up with something of a schedule for next month. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have learned from your experiences!

  18. Cindy McElwee says:

    Back to School time is both, exciting & confusing. No matterwhat, it is to be a adventure for the little one ♥

    • I don’t remember back, but it must be a bewildering for the eldest child’s first month of school. The younger ones are somewhat used to the routine and know a little about it from the older kids. An adventure is a good way to look at it!

  19. i think back 2 school is another gimmick the retailers use to make money is so expensive to get kids ready to go to school high school just told me today that son needs uniform like i got $$ for that to

  20. Megan Parsons says:

    I still haven’t gotten everything ready and my kids start in 6 days. Back to school time is stressful for me!

  21. Misha Estrada says:

    3 of my kids started school yesterday. My 4 year old is starting to prepare at home for kindergarten next year.

  22. Jen Bigerton says:

    My son is entering the 2nd grade this year and he can not wait I love that he is so excited for school to start.

  23. We are starting pre k this year. My son is so excited to play with all the new things we have found for the school year.

  24. We are about to get started with our new homeschool year and I’m almost ready! The school room is organized and the supplies are all here. We start after Labor Day!

  25. This is a bitter sweet time for us , my oldest starts school and I can’t believe how big my baby is! One more week till 1st day!!

  26. I work in the school district and it is such an exciting time to have the kids come back to school. I love the first day and the energy they bring. Kids are very excited to come back and see there friends and actually get back to learning.

  27. My youngest started school for the first time, Kindergarten, this year. My middle boy started 3rd grade and my oldest 6th! This is the only year they’ll all go to the same school. I was both more and less emotional than I expected, lol. Emotional during times I didn’t think I’d be. Having a quiet house is starting to be a nice thing, but it’s still strange and bittersweet.

  28. Back to school time is quite an adjustment, but it’s fun. Really reminds you how fast tie flies with kids :)

  29. We started school! We have a kindergarten boy and a second grade girl. Our family is still getting used to the change of everybody being in school!

  30. Christie k says:

    Wow! Great resources. Thank you!

  31. Lots of shopping.

  32. lmadams1311 says:

    What a great set!

  33. Teresa Thompson says:

    We love back to school shopping. But it always takes us a few weeks to get back into the routine.

    • Sounds like you’re doing great! I still love looking at all the new stationary! But I have to remind myself that as homeschoolers we can still use the supplies we had last year. We’re just now trying to ease back into a better routine after the summer.

  34. starting tomorow

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