Washington D. C. Family Field Trip

Life Lessons Learned on a Family Field Trip to Washington D.C., a guest post on Castle View Academy by by Homeschool Ways

We’re still enjoying time with my parents who have been visiting for the past 4 weeks.  During this time my children have enjoyed a few days out on field trips.  Today I’m happy to have Adriana Zoder from Homeschool Ways guest posting for us about her recent field trip and how it can be applied […]

7 Upcycled Homemade Musical Instruments

7 Upcycled Homemade Musical Instruments by Castle View Academy

Children love to play with musical instruments, but they can be costly!  Why not upcycle and make your own homemade musical instruments with things you probably already have lying around?  Here is a collection of instruments the children have made, we hope you enjoy them. I made these very simple knitted jingle wristbands about 4 […]

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy : A Review

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy, a Review by Castle View Academy

Hello Moms!  I do hope that you are doing well today.  Or are you feeling overwhelmed with housework, and tending to the children?  And how do you fit your homeschooling day into all of that?  I know I struggle trying to get everything covered in one day.  Either the kids have a great day of […]

14 Fun Foods For Kids (and adults, too!)

14 Fun Foods For Kids (and fun adults) by Castle View Academy

Do you like to have fun with your food?  We certainly do!  Food doesn’t have to be boring for kids (or adults).  Every now and then we like to mix things up and make fun food snacks and meals for the family.  Here are some of our favourites. 1) With summer coming up, it’s time […]

5 Preschool Rain Activities on Mom’s Library

Preschool Rain Activities on Mom's Library with Castle View Academy

Rain, rain, rain.  Sometimes it seems as if all we have is rain!  Mom and Dad are visiting and it’s rained almost every day.  It’s still something I haven’t become used to after growing up in Saskatchewan.  So when it rains, let’s not let ourselves get down, but let our children learn with some fun […]

A+ Interactive Online Math Curriculum Review

A Review of A+ Interactive Math Family Online Math Package by Castle View Academy

How do you feel about teaching your math to your child?  Math is one of my favourite subjects, but the teaching methods have changed since I was in school so sometimes it’s nice to have a little help with the ‘new’ ways of doing it and to refresh my my mind with the terminology.  Since […]

Kindle Fire Giveaway

CBW 2015 Banner

Mother Daughter Book Reviews, in collaboration with the fabulous sponsors listed below, is pleased to be coordinating a giveaway for a Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition 7″ Tablet (+ $50 gift card/cash). This giveaway will take place from May 1 to 31, 2015, overlapping with Children’s Book Week (May 4 to 10, 2015).   About […]

La La Logic Preschool Curriculum : A Review

Build thinking skills with the preschool curriculum by La La Logic A review by Castle View Academy

La La Logic‘s Preschool Curriculum has been a part of our learning for the past 5 or 6 weeks.  It doesn’t require a lot of prep-time, and my almost-5-year-old is enjoying it. La La Logic is set up with 100 weeks of preschool curriculum.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, Kallista spent about 5 minutes on the PC […]

History for Kids on Mom’s Library

History for kids on Mom's Library with Castle View Academy

Hello, hello!  I hope you are doing well this week.  We’ve been enjoying spending some time with my parents who are over on a visit, so please forgive me if I miss a Mom’s Library in the next couple of weeks, it just means we’ve been having a good time.  As I type this up, […]

6 Easy Jewellery Making Crafts For Kids

6 easy jewellery making crafts for kids by Castle View Academy

With summer and Mother’s Day approaching, what better time is there to get crafty and try your hand at some jewellery making with the kids? Don’t worry, these are all quite simple crafts, some that even toddlers can help with! Many of these are made with items around the house, or things that have been […]