8 Ways To Get Organised For The New Homeschool Year With Mom’s Library

8 Ways To Get Organised For The New Homeschool Year with Castle View Academy and Mom's Library

It’s the middle of summer…and many are already planning for the new school year.  Whether you’re homeschooling or public schooling, new supplies and schedules are in the making.  This week on Mom’s Library I’m bringing you some advice from the Moms who have been there and want to share their knowledge with you. Have you […]

Counting Cars and Learning to Graph

Counting Cars and Learning to Graph with Castle View Academy. Math is Cool! K-2 Math lesson in real life.

How did you first learn your colours and to count?  For my children, they learned a lot when we were out walking.  I’d point out the different colours of vehicles as they went by.  And other times I’d count them as they flew past.  It was a fun activity if we were waiting for a […]

Why Go Screen Free?

Why Go Screen Free? Reasons to do it, and what you can do instead!

Hello once again!  Phil is on his annual vacation this week and next. This means that between appointments we’ll be trying to get out and about and have fun together as a family.  As a part of this, I will also be trying my best to spend as little time here on the PC as possible […]

Project Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages : A Review

Home School In The Woods Project Passport World History The Middle Ages. A review by Castle View Academy

Have you ever wanted to travel back into history?  With Home School In The Woods, you can do just that.  Over the past 6 weeks we’ve been immersed in Project Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages. Bruce Festival We attended the Bruce Festival in Carrickfergus (Northern Ireland) at the end of May and the […]

Japanese Print Lesson on CKCBH 29

Japanese Prints Lesson is the feature of the CKCBH with Castle View Academy

Good day!  It’s once again time for the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop!  I do hope that you’ve been able to enjoy summer so far.  I know that many part of of Canada and the USA are having trouble with smoke blowing down from northern forest fires, and there are many still living temporarily in […]

Country-Style Cloudy Strong Ginger Beer (non alcoholic)

Homemade ginger beer recipe by Castle View Academy. A refreshingly great on a hot summer's day

There’s nothing better on a warm day than to sit outside and enjoy a nice fresh glass of homemade gingerbeer!  I must admit that gingerale has always been my fizzy drink of choice.  It’s always good for what ‘ails’ you…. In Japan I found a department store that sold Canada Dry and if I was […]

Forest Science For Kids (Even In The City)

Forest Science For Kids (Even if you're in the city). Get outdoors and learn about the world around you!

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and learn about the world around you!   Whether you’re heading out into the woods for a little camping, or staying close to home in the city, there are lots of ways to learn about forest science with the family.  Today I’m sharing some ideas from the […]

The Best Planner! A Review of Homeschool Planet

Homeschool Planet is my life organizer! A Review by Castle View Academy

Oh my goodness! The Homeschool Planet Planner by Homeschool Buyers Co-op is THE BEST planner I’ve tried!  This is every list in all my various notebooks all put together in one place!! Oh the forests I will save! Is there anything this planner doesn’t do?  I’m usually a pen & paper gal, but I have been swayed […]

10 Ways We Homeschool On The Cheap

10 Ways We Homeschool On The Cheap. Tips by Castle View Academy

Many people say they couldn’t afford the costs of homeschooling.  For some this may be true, but it all depends on your point of view, your expectations, and how resourceful you are willing to be.  For us, we’re able to homeschool for a year for less than the cost of a school sweater, never mind […]

55+ Delicious Summer Desserts for Get-Togethers

55+ Delicious Summer Desserts for get-togethers. From kids to more discerning tastes, you'll find something for everyone!

Summer is a great time to gather around with friends and family.  Sometimes it’s spur-or-the-moment, and other times more elaborate plans are made.  I love all of the summer desserts that are served at gatherings.  They’re so colourful, cool, refreshing, and fruity.  Kids love ice cream and cookies, adults love fruit, and everyone loves a […]