Upcycled Backyard Croquet For Kids

Upcycled Backyard Croquet For Kids. Have an afternoon of fun using things from your kitchen!

It’s almost officially spring, and we’re certainly looking forward to it!  Kallista has even been making our calendar as spring because it’s close enough for her.  The recent lion days of March haven’t stopped us from getting out and having a few minutes of play here and there.  The children’s most recent outdoor game is a […]

Leprechaun Traps on Mom’s Library

Leprechaun Traps on Mom's Library with Castle View Academy

Top O’ the morning to you!  Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  It is a bank (public) holiday here in Northern Ireland, but it isn’t as big a holiday as it is in the Republic of Ireland.  St. Patrick does have connections here in the ‘North’ (which until less than 100 years ago was a […]


Fifteens are a delicious, no-bake lunchtime or snack treat for the whole family

Fifteens?  “What are they,” you ask?  Fifteens are a part of the social fabric of Northern Ireland.  I used to see them in the counter at work when I went for my morning cup of tea with the girls.  It wasn’t until I tried them that I realised just how delicious they were. You see, […]

St. Patrick’s Day Literacy Pack (Free)

Free St.Patrick's Day Literacy Pack K-2

St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday throughout the Emerald Isle which includes both the countries of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  But that doesn’t mean the learning needs to come to a full stop!  I’ve created a fun literacy printable pack that is FREE to our email subscribers. My children have only just seen this […]

Will You Join Me On a DeChox?

Castle View Academy is on a DeChox this month

We’re half way between Christmas and Easter, and personally, I’m feeling somewhat blah.  The dark days are finally starting to lengthen, but I’m afraid my waistline is as well…. When I saw that the British Heart Foundation was starting their first-ever dechox this year, I decided I would join in! What is a dechox?  For […]

Heroes Of The City on YouTube

Heroes of the City on Youtube

The Heroes of the City are now on Youtube!  They have their own channel and would love for you to go have a visit with your favourite HOTC characters. The Heroes of the City is popular and loved by many preschool children around the world, mine included.  We were first introduced to the Heroes of the City a […]

13 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (and other cardboard tubes)

13 Cardboard Tube Crafts For Kids by Crystal's Tiny Treasures

Cardboard tubes, we all use them, but they’re also perfect for re-using for kid’s crafts!  Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, yard cones, and other cardboard tubes can make just about anything the imagination will allow!  Over the past 2 years we’ve made several toilet paper roll crafts and I thought it was time to […]

34 Dr. Seuss Activities on Mom’s Library

Dr. Seuss Literacy Activities on Mom's Library with Castle View Academy

Hello, Hello!  When you think children’s book authors, who comes to mind?  For many, including myself, Dr. Seuss is at the top of the lists of famous authors.  I loved Dr. Seuss books as a child, and my own children love to read the books we have that have been lovingly handed down to them. […]

St. Patrick’s Day Card

St. Patrick's Day Card with a Shamrock Suncatcher by Castle View Academy

This year we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little more and we thought we’d like to cheer up someone overseas with a home made St. Patrick’s Day card with a twist – a removable shamrock suncatcher! The children used a green card blank that I purchased on sale after Christmas.  Why pay full price when […]

Rainbow Math and More for March Learning!

Fill ST. Patrick's Day with learning fun graphing, rainbows, reading, and more!

Wowsers!!  You don’t have an excuse not to fill this St. Patrick’s Day with loads of learning fun for your children!  The Wise Owl Factory has pulled out all the stops and will fill your March with rainbows and leprechauns! You know my children love rainbows!  And we certainly look forward to having brighter days when we […]