7 Easter Egg Ideas on Mom’s Library

7 Easter Eggs crafts on Mom's Library at Castle View Academy

Spring is definitely here, and a friend has even spotted a bunny out in the fields!  I wonder if it was the Easter bunny preparing for his rounds?  We haven’t yet started on any Easter crafts ourselves, yet.  I’m sad to say we haven’t decorated Easter eggs (except our Washi-paper egg) since we were back […]

Signs of Spring Nature Walk Free Printables

Signs of Spring Nature Walk spotter sheet and graphing page provide lots of learning fun for children

The weather has been so changeable for us here in Northern Ireland this month!  The children have been tracking the weather daily with a chart from The Wise Owl Factory (It’s the Free March Sudoku and Graphing).  In addition, they have also been going out on nature walks and looking for the signs of spring. Growing up […]

3 Origami Frog Activities for Frog Day

Happy Frog Day for Castle View Academy! We have 3 fun activities for you, plus more!

A new tradition is taking the kids blogging world by storm this year!  Have you heard about it yet?? Today is World Frog Day, but… April 1st is now known as..Happy Frog’s Day! Carolyn of The Wise Owl Factory has been taking a writing class and another member shared a story about when she was […]

Love Math with GPALEARN , a Review

Love math with GPALOVEMATH by GPA LEARN, a review by Castle View Academy

Children (and adults!) learn better when they have incentives.  GPA LEARN understands this and has created GPALOVEMATH with built-in incentives to motivate children to continue on to reach their goals.  If your child doesn’t already love math, they may just be pursuaded to try harder! GPALOVEMATH is an entirely online math program for children from kindergarten […]

Birds and Bees on Mom’s Library

Learning About Birds and Bees on Mom's Library

Spring is in the air!  The cherry blossoms are blossoming, the frog eggs are in the ponds, and the green hills of the Emerald Isle are becoming a little more green.  Not to mention that the wintering waterfowl are on their way to their summer habitats and the chatter of smaller birds fill the trees […]

Easter Hats, A UK Tradition

Decorating Easter Hats with Castle View Academy is lots of fun for kids!

Here in the UK, it’s very popular for children to decorate Easter hats, and last year I thought the children would enjoy something a little different.  They’d never designed their own hats before. I purchased the hats at one of the £1 shops and put them aside until the right day came and it was […]

The Critical Thinking Co. Review

Math Analogies Beginning by The Critical Thinking Co. and how it works for us

My children enjoy a good challenge, and they both also like math.  The Critical Thinking Co. has combined these to create fun logical problems for children.  Over the past several weeks my children have been using Math Analogies Beginning.  Logical thinking is a good skill for everyone to have, and it doesn’t always come easily […]

South American Dance on CKCBH

South American Culture is Featured on the Creative Culture Blog Hop on Castle View Academy

Good morning!  I hope you are doing well.  Today looks like it’s set to be beautiful day so we’ll hop out for a walk soon in the country and see what we can see. Spring is a colourful season, but perhaps not as colourful as today’s feature!  Welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! […]

20+ Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities

20+ Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities For Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner here on the Emerald Isle as well as the rest of the world.  Whether you celebrate it more ‘traditionally’ or ‘just for fun,’ I hope that you’ll find something here to make the day fun for your children.  Today I’m gathering up 20 fun St. Patrick’s Day activities in one […]

7 Fun Ways To Play With Lego on Mom’s Library

7 Fun Ways To Play With Lego on Mom's Library

Whew!  How is life in your home?  Things have been very hectic here the past two months, and I thought this week would be slow – but how wrong I was!  The calendar is filled with appointments, meetings and events.  So maybe NEXT WEEK things will be ‘normal’ again…. There’s certainly no time for boredom […]