World Cultures with the CKCBH #26

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop 26 - World Cultures Homeschool

Good morning!  I hope your part of the world is as sunny as ours is this weekend!  I’ve been very busy recently, but I hope to get out and soak up some of this sun today, even if I’m doing working at moving stones.  Perhaps we can estimate weights and numbers as we do it […]

Exclusive FLASH FREEBIE ($50+ Value)

Flash Freebie from Educents and Castle View Academy! Grab it before it's gone, your kids will thank you!

I’m so excited to be able to offer you this 4-day FLASH FREEBIE! I’ve partnered up with Educents this week to bring you 14 printable learning packs worth a combined total of $52.00! There’s no need to have to think about what your children can do to learn (and have FUN) with this exclusive Freebie […]

Early Math Games on Mom’s Library

Early math games for kids (& math for Moms too) on Mom's Library with Castle View Academy

Math.  It’s been on my brain a lot lately!  The children are loving their math lessons, though they are reaching new concepts and sometimes that can be a bit frustrating.  But the thing about math is that there’s always more to learn, and many ways that it can be learned.  You don’t just have to […]

Getting Arty With Cheese On Toast

Getting arty with cheese on toast is a fun way to start the weekend!

Do your children like to have fun with their food? Or maybe it’s your HUSBAND who likes to get creative?? Well, in our home, everything gets a new spin from time to time, and one day it was our grilled cheese on toast. I can no longer remember how this happened, but it no doubt […]

Grade 2 Writing Through The Year

Print and Go Writing Activities For Every Season Thematic Writing Thru The Year for Grade Two (& much more)!

Parents and teachers, don’t you wish you could have a little something up your sleeve to pull out at the last minute?  Something both fun for the kids as well as educational?  I know I need something ready to pull out on the days I’m not feeling fully functional.  Or maybe for use by a […]

Carrickfergus Castle Excavation

Hands on Learning at Carrickfergus Castle Excavation with Castle View Academy

I was sorting through photographs on the PC recently and came across ones from a field trip the children and I did last year.  It was such a fantastic day for us, and we’d like to share our Carrickfergus castle archaeological excavation field trip with you. It was March, but the weather was dry and […]

How’s The Weather? 7 Weather Activities For Kids on ML

How's The Weather 7 Weather Activities For Kids

Hello there!  Nice to see you.  How’s the weather where you are?  We’re having a hotter-than-average few days and really enjoying it!  There isn’t much time to spend inside so I’ll get right to the point with this week’s feature: 7 Weather Activities For Kids. If you missed last week’s round-up, I featured Cute Critters […]

Stamp Collecting For Kids: The Sorting Begins

Postage Stamp Collecting, The Big Sort Begins! Stamp collecting is a fun way for children to learn about the world around them: math, geography, heritage, and much more!

Do you have any hobbies or collections that you share with your children?  I’ve always liked stamps, postcards, and post marks.  The children have been enjoying sending and receiving postcards through Postcrossing for a couple of years now.  The postcards will come in very handy when we learn about different countries as they will make […]

How We Fell into Homeschooling Abroad

How we fell into homeschooling abroad, a Castle View Academy guest post for Educents

Have you wondered how we happened along the homeschooling path? It certainly wasn’t something that we had planned! So why are we homeschooling? We’ve given the scoop to Educents, and you can read about it by clicking on the picture below. If you’d like to read more of our background story of Tristan’s birth, you […]

Introducing the Educents Marketplace

Educents marketplace

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, Educents was a website for parents and educators to take advantage of daily deals. But those deals expired… And there were only 50 deals available at once… I wanted saving […]